7/12/22 | Colleen Harrington

This is a story that Colleen Harrington was compelled to write.  She grew up in a very dysfunctional and abusive home, which was fueled by alcohol.  She ultimately married someone just like her father.  Colleen decided it was time to start a new journey in life.  Even though she faced many trials and challenges along the way, her courage and faith gave her the strength to endure.

She is very pleased to say that all four of children graduated from college, and each have their own professional careers.  Colleen went back to school to get her RN degree and worked in nursing until she retired.  Being a journalist all of her life, it was through her writing and penning open letters to God that helped her survive.  She felt God was nudging her all these years to write her story.  Also, it is a true testimony to see how her love for her sister led her sister to Christ.

Colleen is a member of Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church in Katy, Texas.  She retired from the VA in Oklahoma City, working with Veterans…which she really enjoyed.  She lived out her life caring for “physically and emotionally” sick patients. She is now enjoying retirement and her 10 beautiful grandchildren.  Come & hear her story.

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