Christian Business Luncheon

Bringing together business people in the greater Houston area to Glorify God and provide fellowship among all faiths.

Next Luncheon August 10, 2021

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Kingdom Dog Ministries

A man and dog teaching the power of obedience Kingdom Dog Ministries is nothing more than the sharing of a series of simple, obvious, but often over looked truths. Truths that come from the word of God, and truths that have the absolute power to alter the direction of all who will hear, believe, and apply them to their life. Truths that have no boundaries. They transcend over all differences in life, age, cultures, gender, denominations, etc.  It is enjoyed and life changing for the Christian and the non-Christian alike. It has been called amazing, fabulous, captivating, awesome, astonishing, and life changing. The power that seems to drive it is not perfection or extravagance, but simplicity in truth. Truth that is not just heard, but truth that is visually seen. Hank says that it is exciting to be part of something that the hand of the Lord is upon, and ...
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