Belinda Gail | 5/09/23

Belinda Gail – aka “America’s Western Sweetheart” – is a legend in southwest music circles. She was raised on ranches in Nevada’s Carson Valley, and in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains near Sequoia National Park. Her rich ranching heritage and love of the west runs deep in her music. It evokes the character of the people as well as the beauty, majesty and deep connection to the land that only those who have lived the ranch life can truly capture. Ranching, western history, and the cowboy life are very much part of the essence of this dynamic western performer.

Her numerous awards are evidence of the level to which she has risen, not only with western music fans, but with her peers as well.  Along with being a gifted singer/ songwriter, her warm and vibrant personality beautifully captures the spirit of the west and easily wraps itself around her audience. A vibrant and natural entertainer with a dynamic and captivating voice, Belinda stirs the emotions and visions of the west in the heart of every audience she embraces.  She truly is “America’s Western Sweetheart.” 

Belinda thoroughly enjoys her career now 28 years and counting, as a full-time touring singer/songwriter. Her career takes her across the entire United States and includes several tours in Canada and Europe. Belinda sings western, western swing and gospel music in venues ranging from large auditoriums to small Cowboy Churches.

She has won many prestigious awards in her amazing career. They are too many to include – here are some highlights:

  • Named one of the Top 50 Country & Western Entertainers by American Cowboy Magazine
  • 7 Times International Western Music Association Female Performer of the Year
  • 3 Times Academy of Western Artists Female Vocalist of the Year
  • 3 Times International Western Music Association Traditional Duo/Group with Curly Musgrave
  • 2 Times International Western Music Association Traditional Album of the Year 
  • Inducted into the Arizona Country & Western Swing Music Hall of Fame

She is obviously committed to her craft and her fans. However, her ranching upbringing instilled in her a deep dedication to God, family and country as well. Belinda attends Lonestar Cowboy Church and leads online Bible Studies with women across the country she has met through her music. Second only to her faith is her family.  Her most cherished role is wife, mother of four, and grandmother of 10.

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