JEFF CREGG | 2-14-2023

Jeff is the Media and Digital Communications Coordinator at Windwood Presbyterian Church where he’s worked for the past two years.

Prior to that, he was a Principal Software Developer at Halliburton until May of 2020 when he was “retired” after 23 years. In all, he spent over 31 years in software development in the oil and gas industry working on various upstream geological and geophysical interpretation products. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M-Commerce and a Bachelor of Science in Geology from LSU. He’s been married to his wife, Tammy, for nearly 31 years and they have two grown daughters: Claire and Kerry—both of whom are Registered Nurses.

Tammy and Jeff have been members of Windwood Presbyterian Church since 1994. He is an ordained Elder and helps facilitate adult Sunday School and mid-week Christian education classes. He’s an avid proponent of the Intelligent Design movement and has been involved with the Discovery Institute in Seattle since 2009. In 2016 he helped organize their local Houston Chapter of the Science and Culture Network.

In his spare time, Jeff loves fixing things (if he’s able to) and expressing his opinions—solicited, or not. 😉

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