Kevin Woods | 3/07/23

Kevin Woods grew up in Texas City, TX. Upon graduating from high school, he left for the United States Navy. Ever since he was little kid, the idea of the military seemed like the route he wanted to go. While he had an idea of joining the military the attacks of September 11, 2001, turned that idea into reality. Kevin honorably served five years, 2007-2012 as an aircraft fire fighter on the flight deck of the USS John C. Stennis for two deployments. After his service, he returned home and loss his sense of mission and pride which turned into self-medicating with alcohol. During the time of trying to locate his next mission and pride at the bottom of a bottle, he went through three separate suicide attempts. Just over four years of trying to locate the next mission Kevin found his self-sitting in a jail cell after being arrested for intoxicate assault. That was a life saving night for Kevin and what he considers his greatest blessing.

Kevin being an endurance athlete with many races under his belt, believes his toughest run was the runaway from Jesus when life was good. Kevin was always the one that would run away from God when things were good, but quick to turn around and run back when things were bad. It wasn’t until that life changing night when he realized a few things. One his life needed to change and that he needed to be that change. Two he needed to run with Jesus instead of from, and three his environment needed to change.

Kevin made those changes with many adjustments such as running though life with God, changing his career field, adding mentors, changing is environment, and most of all adapting a sober life style which begun December 21st 2016.  He has gone on to work in the Veteran Treatment Courts where he worked at the Mentor and Wellness Coordinator recruiting, training, and assisting mentors given to the participants going through the treatment court. Now Kevin serves as the Partnerships Coordinator for a sober active community non-profit called The Phoenix. He is currently married to his beautiful wife Ally and has a young son named Rex. Since that life changing night, Kevin credits everything to God, or as he calls him, the Man upstairs. 

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