6/14/22 | Dean Dickschat

Dean was born in Brenham and raised in Navasota Texas.   In between those two towns is a piece of heaven called Washington on the Brazos.  It is there, a place that German immigrants settled some 150 years ago formed a church called Friedens (Peace) Church was formed.  This special place nestled in the rolling hills nurtured him to faith and is still a critically important piece of his life.

Dean went to Navasota High school where he was a very mediocre student, decent baseball player, and active in the FFA. He attended Sam Houston State University and it was here that early on he was less than a mediocre student until he met his future wife in his third year.  His grades shot up and hers went radically down!  They graduated in December 1985, Dean it took 4 1/2 years, Joy 3 1/2 years.

Once graduated Dean moved to Dallas area after a brief career failure in College Station selling copiers.  He went to work in the printing industry where he made a whopping $12,800 his first year!  Let’s just say Dean was broke – and yes, still very mediocre at best!

It was his third year in the printing business when he finally broke through, hard work, desperate maybe, but consistent hard work can make a very mediocre man come to life and succeed.  He started his own Print Consulting business when he was 29 and still owns that business today 31 years later.  

He and Joy had two beautiful girls – Lindsey and Haley in the early 90s and in 1996, while being a young elder at his church was urged to a worship conference that changed his life where he felt the overwhelming call to ministry.  22 years later he wrapped up a beautiful season of his life being a worship leader.

In the midst of leading worship and owning EverCom Printing he and Joy bought 40 acres in Anna Texas where they eventually started a vineyard and winery and still own that today.  Their final season of life is being started back here closer to home where they have started another vineyard called DeepRoots Vineyards with lifelong friends and closer to home where he is able to care for his mother and attend that special church in the country again coming full circle.

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